We Are Transparent and Account For Every Dollar Raised

Real Time Monitoring

Every campaign has 24/7 access to the progress of the campaign money online and on our mobile App

Monthly Campaign Statements

We track all the items donated and credit you when sold – even months after campaign is over.

Support Management

Every campaign receives a Profit and Loss Statement as well as a campaign review.

Fast Monthy Pay Outs

We reconcile every campaign account by the 10th of the month and pay out by 15th monthly.

Personalized Professional Campaign Management

Every campaign is assigned a campaign specialist who will assist you in every facet of creating a successful campaign. We will assist you to reach all your donors and to find new donor groups through social media and our bank of previous donors. We plan the activities before we launch, during and after campaign to ensure the maximum return for your cause. Making a RedBridge Trading campaign an annual event for your cause is our Goal so your Cause experience with RedBridge to be convenient, easy, and profitable. Our Goal is to have at least a 75% Re-Campaign rate for all the causes we host.

We itemize the entire money process

In the spirit of transparency, Redbridge Trading tracks all of the inbound donations, creates a database which tracks all the expenses incurred, sales transactions, recycling costs and repairs. With this level of detail we can provide an item by item accounting but more importantly we can provide a donor itemized accounting to facilitate both of the most important metrics donation value and donation effectiveness.  Each donation has a lifespan which we track from intake to profit pay out so there is never a question of where the money has gone. Transparency is critical for the success of a campaign and the ultimate success of your partnership with RedBridge Trading.

Each section of the process explained and accounted for in time expense and ROI so that we maintain our focus on whats important making your campaign a real success.

Expense and Profit Percentages

A better idea of what actually is derived as revenue
  • Intake expense 20%
  • Repair Expense 20%
  • Campaign Expenses 10%
  • Total Units Recycled 30%
  • Total Units Repairable 20%
  • Total Units Resellable 50%

Based on 1000 Donations and Sales

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