Supply teacher Sarah Crockett’s Samsung Galaxy S7 handset blew up in her hand in a busy cafe – billowing a shocking amount of smoke.Samsung have not recalled the Galaxy S7 despite reports of it overheating. Meanwhile, Daniel Ramirez was badly burned when his S7 Edge exploded in his pocket – prompting him to sue Samsung for $11,000.

But why are these phones exploding?

Samsung has already been forced to recall the Note 7 handset due to them exploding. The fault has been put down to a problem with the batteries, which caused the phone to overheat and in some cases burst into flames and leak dangerous chemicals.But the South Korean tech giant has say there aren’t any confirmed issues with the S7, and there are no plans to recall the handset as there have only been a handful of incidents.It is possible the explosion cases could have been caused by malfunctioning batteries – an issue which can be caused by using cheap charging cables. Tech firms recommend always using an official charger.

Replacing your charger cable with an unofficial alternative can cause damage to your phone’s battery – as often, the electricity supply they provide is unstable.It’s a problem you won’t be able to notice until it’s too late and your phone has overheated – so phone manufacturers recommend only using the charger that came in the box, or a reputable replacement.

RedBridge will observe the recall and will for the time being not accept ANY Samsung S7, S7 Edge or Note 7 handsets until further notice.

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