Retail StoreFront

Bring your devices into one of our retail locations for the fastest way to get your money. We never charge you for testing or diagnostics. Stop by and learn more about the organization’s that we have partnered with. We test everything so we can warranty it for resale.

E-Commerce site

Resell your electronics online today and choose between a variety of payment options. Download a free shipping label and support a local cause from the comfort of home. Get free reduced cost repairs when you shop with us. FAST AND CONVENIENT!

IOS Application

Download our mobile app and be the first to know about our latest works wherever you are. Shop, sell or simply explore using the power of your mobile device. Monitor your donations and see how much you helped raise for a local cause.

Reselling Electronics to support my cause

Reselling Second Hand Electronics to support your favorite cause.

It is a not a new idea, but technology and the lifespan of devices has finally outgrown the typical time of  device ownership. This makes second hand ownership not only economical but sustainable. Devices last longer and are valuable longer. Last year’s iPhone can not only yield you over $400 in some cases but can also put 10 hot meals on the table at a homeless kitchen, 4 nights lodgings for a family in need, or even the basic essential funds to drive Social Good all across the San Francisco Bay Area. We use our e-commerce site to get the farthest reach and fastest turn on goods sold, we use our retail store front to provide a safe and convenient place to buy sell recycle and repair electronics. We resell your goods as a platform for all Non profits , schools and local causes!

Together we can create the four way win!

It isn’t often that your act of kindness can create the start of a chain reaction of Social Good but we are doing just that with your help.

Win #1 = You get paid for stuff you are no longer using in cash money, Paypal deposit, direct deposit or a tax deduction!

Win#2= RedBridge trains work program participants in Retail, Repair and Recycling  industries gaining valuable experience  and assisted  job placement !

Win#3= Your favorite Cause, School or Nonprofit gets 50% of the profits, at no cost to them… ever!

Win #4= Our goal is to divert 24 tons of electronics from landfills in our first year and to safely dispose of 24 tons of e-waste.

Reselling Electronics- we all are winners
Reselling Electronics-Recycled Revenue

Together we are going to make a difference.

RedBridge is not out to change the world, end poverty our disease in our time, but we want to support those causes that are. We recognize the San Francisco Bay Area is a special place and we truly see just beyond the horizon in so many ways. We invite you to become a member of RedBridge Trading and to truly harness the power inside used electronics not only to help thousands of organizations achieve their goals but to change this moment for yourself, for our community, for our fragile planet and mostly for her.

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