Donating and selling broken or damaged electronics and mobile devices just became possible in San Francisco!

With the increased adoption and use of electronics and mobile devices has come the increased generation of used equipment as products are replaced by newer models and older technologies become obsolete or no longer meet the expectations of the consumer. The lifespans of electronics (56 months) and the average time of ownership (21 months) have created a  new and dynamic marketplace. Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) no longer useful to its first owner may still have considerable value, so market solutions have evolved with the waste stream to capture this value. RedBridge Trading systems have, in turn, evolved to enable the flow of material into processes that improve value recovery, including device reuse and refurbishment, and to manage the potential risks to individuals and the environment. This, in turn, closes the loop. Increasing the efficiency of used electronics management will foster greater development of the circular economy for the EEE value chain. We are involved in all aspects of the ecosystem like no one else ever has. We are crafting the future of used electronics and harnessing their value for our campaign partners.


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