Obsolete Electronics

It’s a sad story but we all have that printer, ancient laptop or Blackberry lurking somewhere in your place. There is a value and we can put it to good use for the cause of your choice!

Raw Materials

Theres gold in those hills! Raw materials are in most electronics and we can harvest precious metals for profit. We actively seek opportunities to recycle and scrap metals and forward the profits.

Socially Green

Be Socially Green! Share with your friends and contacts the green challenge! It’s good for the planet and your cause and a fun way to give. Make your contribution to be Socially Green today.

Giving Green

One of our projects is a training class which teaches recovery methods to disadvantage youths in partnership with SF Innovation Office and help them find their way with a new skill.

Recycle-stop ewaste

Recycle With RedBridge Trading

With all the different E-waste options closing down in San Francisco, we felt there was an opportunity to marry our desire to be Green and to help folks start new careers in reclamation. Several major nonprofits do it so well and have really been great examples for us to follow and there will always be room for more assistance.

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Help us help others

In a partnership with the San Francisco Dept. of Human Services, RedBridge Trading is creating a pilot day labor program that will train reclamation techniques to at risk populations and provide Daily Pay to those willing to enroll.

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Recycle-Turn used into opportunity

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