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Press Release Contact:
Jesse Taylor, Executive Director
RedBridge Trading Company


RedBridge Trading Announces Two New Board Members

San Francisco, CA- September 8 2016— RedBridge Trading announces the appointment of two new members of its Board of Directors, as well as the full slate of officers and board members for 2016.

Joining the Board of Directors are Seth Sundberg, and Troy Henry. “Both of our newest Board members embody the spirit of community and bring talent, expertise and energy to the table. We are very fortunate to have them by our side as we continue to strengthen our focus on the nonprofit community in the San Francisco Bay Area. ”, Jesse Taylor, Executive Director.

Troy Henry comes the Board of Directors with a strong background in Employment and at risk populations. Troy joined the Success Center in 2014 as the Center Director for the Western Addition Neighborhood Access Point. Prior to the Success Center, Troy oversaw various programs and services at Goodwill Industries. Under Troy’s direction, Goodwill was awarded a $1.4 million Workforce Investment Act grant, which funded the community-based One-Stop Career Center. Goodwill’s One-Stop Career Center, which opened in October 2008, and served 7,000 job seekers annually.

Troy has worked with diverse populations, including welfare recipients, homeless persons, veterans, ex-offenders, disabled persons and dislocated worker populations. In order to forge solid relationships with organizations that serve these groups, Troy has chaired the San Francisco Job Developers Association, Marin County Job Developers Association, East Bay Job Developers Group, Bay Area Coalition of Employment Development and the Professional Technical Diversity Network in Santa Clara County. Troy also possesses a wealth of knowledge regarding federal, state, city and county grant opportunities pertaining to workforce development projects.

Before moving into the workforce development field, Troy held various position in operations for such noted companies as Samsung USA, Sun Microsystems, Fujitsu and Sony USA.

Seth Sundberg comes to our Board of Directors as a bay area native and a former professional basketball player who played professionally for 7 years in the US and overseas. After basketball he landed in real estate where he ran a branch of a national mortgage company called Access Mortgage and Financial. While there he funded over 1B in mortgage loans. He was also the President of Sound Mountain Investments, LLC, a real estate and commodities investment firm. Seth is currently the CEO and Founder of Prison Bars, a granola bar snack company located in San Francisco that hires formerly incarcerated men and women. Seth brings a unique perspective and his insights into at risk populations will be invaluable for RedBridge Trading’s programs.

About RedBridge Trading Company

RedBridge Trading is a nonprofit organization open to all nonprofits, local causes, municipalities, and schools throughout the greater nine county San Francisco Bay Area. Our expressed goal is empowering social good by harnessing the power of used electronics. Our multi-platform sales tool makes it easy, safe, and convenient for organizations, local causes, schools and municipalities to benefit from a no cost to them campaign system. Our partner organizations are benefiting from half of the realized of the net profits of the resale of donated and purchased used electronics and digital media in their respective campaigns. With a local focus we are currently seeking a retail location in the lower Market St corridor of San Francisco.  

For more information about RedBridge Trading Association call 415-992-5327 or visit

The slate of board members for 2016 is listed below.

Jesse Taylor, Chairman of the Board

Seth Sundberg, Secretary

Nicholas Henry, Treasurer

Oskar Bertagnole, Clerk

Troy Henry-Board Member

Advisory Board

TBD- Retail Segment

TBD- Nonprofit Marketing

TBD- Police Department- Second Hand dealers

TBD- Recycling/Reclamation

TBD- E-Commerce

TBD- Nonprofit Management professional

Troy Henry

Seth Sundberg

RedBridge Delivers First Equipment Grant

SAN FRANCISCO CA OCT 3, 2016 Press Release

RedBridge Trading Association delivers its first Equipment Grant to the social enterprise Prison Bars Inc. As we move forward through our launch we are here to support the Social Good landscape in the San Francisco Bay Area. We contributed an Apple iMac to Prison Bars Inc to assist them in their launch of the criminally delicious nutritious snack bars. Prison Bars mission is to make delicious, healthy snack bars with fresh, nutritious, and organic ingredients while creating pathways for great employees to reintegrate into society from prison and become productive citizens and neighbors. We are committed to assisting social entrepreneurs, local nonprofits, local causes, local schools, local municipalities and municipal departments with our fundraising platform and our equipment grants. Jesse Taylor CEO of RedBridge Trading Association said: ” We are so proud to be able to help such a great social enterprise such as Prison Bars and are looking forward to following their successful product rollout”. RedBridge Trading is setting an ambitious goal to deliver 20 Equipment Grants in Q4 2016 and we encourage our campaign partners to apply for the grants.

About Prison Bars Inc.

Prison Bars Inc. is a San Francisco-based social enterprise that delivers amazing and criminally delicious snack bars. Prison Bars is committed to providing nutritious, Non-GMO, gluten free snack bars while employing ex-offenders and assisting them in their reintegration back into society. Seth Sundberg CEO/ Founder is himself a great example that it is not who you were it is who you are now. Keep up with Prison Bars and buy some of the great bars as they become available in local and national retailers.

About RedBridge Trading Association

RedBridge Trading Association is a San Francisco-based social enterprise which provides an omnichannel sales platform for local nonprofits, local causes, local schools, social entrepreneurs, and municipalities. Our sales platform provides our campaign partners with the safest, most convenient, and easy to use way to harness the value of used electronics. The e-commerce site, IOS application, and retail locations will give our campaign partners the sales venues to capture the hidden value in used electronics, quickly, safely and most importantly at no cost to them …ever.  We buy, sell, repair, reclaim, and recycle used electronics empowering local social good!

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