How Customers Get Paid when Selling Items to RedBridge Trading

In Store | Online | IOS Application

Get Cash on the spot

We know that when you sell to us the faster you get paid the happier you are. That is why RedBridge offers you the fastest payment in cash when you bring your device into one of our retail locations.

Get Paid With PayPal

When selling online or in store, use PayPal for the fastest payment. The money goes straight to your account which means no wait, no hassle and no problems.

Paid by Debit Card

Get paid with a preloaded debit card when selling online or in store. It is as fast as cash when you visit our store and it keeps your money safe with a preloaded card. We can even help you set your pin.

Get Store Credit

Get store credit when you sell to RedBridge. It will always earn you more than cash meaning you can always trade your old electronics for the latest tech. Use it online, in store or with our mobile app.

Cash Payment

RedBridge always offers cash for your electronics. Bring your electronics into our store, after testing we will put the cash straight into your hand. Please visit our store for cash payment limit or visit our contact page for more information.

Cash is available in store only.

PayPal Payment

PayPal is our fastest way of getting you your payment, both in store and online. If you have a PayPal account there is no wait for your payment because it goes straight into your account within minutes. When you select PayPal as your payment method just keep an eye on your inbox; RedBridge always notifies you when your payment is successful. In store there is no wait for testing after you drop off your stuff, continue with your busy day and we will take care of the rest.

PayPal is available both in store and online for the fastest payment. Card Payment

RedBridge offers preloaded netspend debit cards. We always match the cash value, so don’t worry about not getting paid the same. RedBridge will cover the fees if you want to pull that money from an ATM. We mail the card straight to your house when you sell online. These cards are not gift cards, meaning you can use them at any store, online or you can pull the cash from any ATM. It’s your payment so you should get to choose how to use it. To find out more about our debit cards visit the netspend website.

Debit cards are available in store and online.

Store Credit

RedBridge offers store credit for all electronics sold to us. Store credit can only be used in a RedBridge retail location, in our app or on our eCommerce site; however it will always be worth more than the cash value. Store credit is a fantastic way to help a cause while shopping for the stuff you want. Trade in your old phone, games or computer for the most recent version. When you select store credit as your payment method more money will go the charity of your choice.

Available in store and online.

Tax Receipt

Tax receipts are offered for all electronics donated to RedBridge. Though we do not offer cash for broken, defective, or obsolete electronics, we will always provide you with a tax receipt for the current retail value of any device you bring us. Furthermore, we will offer a tax receipt for all devices brought to us – working or not. Tax Receipts are the most valuable form of payment we offer, always being greater in value than either cash or store credit. These receipts are only usable for tax purposes, but can greatly reduce what you owe.

Debit cards are available in store and online.

How Partner Organizations Receive Campaign Proceeds from RedBridge Trading

Campaign | Post Campaign | Ongoing Income

Donation Records

From Day One of every campaign we track all items donated in the name of the charity by serial number to assure accurate payment.

Wire Transfers

Although we will print an oversized check to present to our Partners, actual initial payment will happen 14 days after campaign ends.

Post Campaign

As all goods pledged may not resell during campaign we continue to pass profits for up to 3 months after campaign ends to our partners. Paid Monthly.

Equipment Grants

We know that many of our Partner Organizations are raising money for equipment and we are always looking for product we can give directly.

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