Redbridge has gained some significant traction in the last few weeks and the number one question we get is why is RedBridge successful? Well it is the 5 Rs:

Resell: Harnessing the cash value for our campaign partners by quickly reselling donation and bought electronics.

Repurpose: We match campaigns up with computers and mobile devices that they can use from our inventory and minimize the need to buy it elsewhere.

Repair: By offering repair services we can create a training opportunity as well as dramatically reduce the cost of repair for computers and most electronics.

Reclamation: Unfortunately everything can’t be repaired but there is still value in units parts for resale and for our own repairs. We encourage donations of these items!

Recycle: We really are excited about offering e-waste management and have begun to take these items out of landfills our annual goal is 12 tons diverted from landfills

We have created a process to maximize our mission of creating a sustainable revenue stream focused on our commitment to be the safest , most convenient, multi-platform sales tool for thousands of local nonprofits, local causes, schools, and municipalities.


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