Our long awaited Kiva Fundraising Campaign has launched and we are so excited to ask for our followers to get involved! Kiva is a nonprofit organization that manages interest-free micro-loans. We are asking our supporters to lend as little as $25.00 to reach our Goal of $3000. The beauty is you will get that $25.00 back they are loans, not donations! So give RedBridge Trading a hand in moving to that next exciting phase in our development! Help us help thousands of other organizations change the world. Follow the link to get involved: https://www.kiva.org/lend/1164746

We look forward to adding your name to our supporters board!!

Lydia, Claudia, Athena, Hilary, Chris, Nicholas, Stephanie, Oskar All contributed on day one!! Thank you guys and reach out to friends and family to push us to our goal!!

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