As we move into the omni channel retail experience it becomes critically important that we understand that the experience is just as important as price, selection and location.

  1. Omni-Channel Harmony: I made my first purchase the other day on my Apple watch using Apple Pay and i have to say it made so much sense to be able to do on the run in the retailers location. I still visited the retailers brick and mortar, I still looked for any discounts or coupons on line and I have notifications that ping my watch. I walked out of the retailer with the item I wanted, used a 20% off coupon I found online, my receipt was sent to my email, and I got a nice bag and was on my way in only about 10 minutes total from walk in to walk out.
  2. A more personalized experience with a focus on process speed: Memberships and account profiles will help make the self service side of retail to move at light speed. We think that privacy is important and see the concern that each of us has but there is a happy compromise and with the right safety protocols information can be safe. our goal is to reduce time to push our customers through our processes.
  3. Understand our customer expectations: We all have them, ingrained and lurking just below the surface. As we  use any retailer channel we are internally and externally judging the experience. To illustrate this better consider this, McDonalds surveyed one million customers and found that they all had 11 common expectations. The Average retail purchase is only $3.84 there, Imagine what your customers expect?

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