How RedBridge Trading Works for Donors!

Buy Sell Repair Recycle your Used Electronics to Benefit a Local Charity

Bring it in!

Walk it into our location, ship it free of charge, drop it at a Donation Station or arrange local home/office pick up!

Get Sorted out

We sort all goods into 4 categories: Donations, Buys, Repairs, and Recycle. All are important to campaigns!

Test & Quick Quote

We perform a 21 point inspection of the item and determine its value. Giving you a fair price quickly is what we do.

Payment Options

Donations, repair, and recycle all get tax deductible receipts. Items we buy are paid in Cash, Paypal or Direct Deposit.

How RedBridge Trading Works for Local Causes

Empowering Local Social Good With Used Electronics


Set up campaign

Set up your campaign online in 10 minutes and jumpstart your fundraising! Every campaign has a specialist assigned to help you one on one!

Energize Donors

Put your email lists to work emptying junk drawers and upgrading phones and electronics. Harness the 100s of dollars in each donors home!

VIP Event

Attend the in store or venue VIP events for your staff  and VIP donors! Refreshments, entertainment all included in every campaign big fun!

Payment Options

We tabulate and get you paid in 10 days from end of campaign, and you get residual payments for up to 6 months

Campaign Benefits

Engage your Donors

When you start a campaign, we contact your current donor base providing them with a tool to convert their electronics in green, sustainable revenues.

Expand your Reach

Fuel your Social Media and dramatically increase donor engagement. We will host a cocktail party in-store or local venue for all your VIPs

Campaigns Are Free

The net proceeds go to the Campaign and there is never a charge or fee to run the campaign.  Your share is 50% of net profit, its just that simple.

Get Paid

At the end of your campaign we cut a giant check for all profits to date and you will also be paid monthly on donations that sell post-campaign!

We are ready to partner with Local and National causes and create new revenues!

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