When you give to RedBridge you are helping to support a local cause. RedBridge will turn your old electronics into revenue for local charities. We are proud to support our local causes, but we need your help.


Select a Campaign

Select the cause or causes you wish to support. Make your pledge and join the RedBridge Trading community.

Donate/Sell Your Stuff

Follow shipping instructions or drop off in-store. Get tax receipt or cash payment. Support local social good.

Monitor and Share

Monitor campaigns progress and success. Download our App and share with friends and family.

 Your junk drawer can support Local Social Good

The average American household has about $300 in used electronics waiting to be converted in to financial support for your favorite cause.

Giving to a campaign-recycling electronics

$300 is equivalent to 78 hot meals, 100 sack lunches, 6 nights of shelter or 2 weeks of groceries for a homeless family.

Give more than just a phone

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