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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my donations to Redbridge Trading tax deductible?

FAQ 1. Yes, as a California nonprofit we are able to give a tax receipt.

What is your refund policy?

RedBridge gives you a free 24 month warranty on everything in our stores.

Electronics: All electronics have a 48 hour return period where you can return your device for your money back. You also have a 30 day period where you can return your device for store credit.

Media (Games and Movies): All software has a 2 week period where you can exchange your games or movies for a store credit return. We do not offer cash back on our games or movies.

When do I get paid on an online sale?

You will get paid as soon as redbridge has tested all of your items. Allow 2-5 business days for us to receive your items, testing and processing will begin the same day that your electronics are delivered to our store. Times for payment may differ depending on what payment method you choose. Track your item’s progress with our app.

  • PayPal Will show up in your account immediately after testing.
  • Debit cards will be sent after testing which could take an additional 2-5 business days .
  • Tax Receipts will be emailed to you immediately after testing.
  • Store Credit will be added to your redbridge account immediately after testing.
How do we send or drop off our sales and donations to RedBridge?

You can deliver your electronics to any of our retail locations.

When selling online you will be sent a shipping label for your electronics that you can use to mail your devices to our stores.

  • Click Here for a packing guide.
  • Click Here to sell your stuff.
Can I ship electronics to Redbridge?

Yes we do accept shipments and will gladly pay for them to be shipped to us here in San Francisco. If you go to our Buying your electronics page or Donating your electronics page there is a link to print a  Redbridge Shipping Label.

Print your label Link Here

How do I contact someone at RedBridge?

You can call or email us at any time! Click HERE for our contact page.

Do you take old TVs?

Yes! RedBridge will take your old TVs and offer you a tax receipt for them as part of our reclamation and recycling project to keep our landfills free of e-waste.

Do you have home pick up?

Yes! Visit our contact page and schedule a time for us to collect your electronics.

Contact Us

Do you accept donations from businesses?

Yes! RedBridge Trading will give your business a tax credit for the retail value of all your donated electronics.

Contact us HERE to find out more about business donations.

How should I package my item? See Video


Why should I recycle my device?

A device may no longer have much value if you are trying to sell it. While this may be disappointing and you would want to just throw it away, recycling it will have a much more positive impact on your environment and community.

While a broken or nonfunctional device may seem worthless, some devices may be refurbished or repurposed and continue years of service.

Recycling keeps the device from ending up in the trash where it won’t be disposed of properly. Many toxic chemicals like lead and mercury can leech out into the environment when thrown in the trash polluting our soil and water.

RedBridge Trading wants to help you protect our environment by recycling your electronics whether through reusing functioning devices, repairing and refurbishing broken ones, or recycling it responsibly protecting any hazardous e-waste from environment.

What does RedBridge Trading do with my electronics?

The life of your device may go through a few different routes. We may sell it online or in one of our retail locations. If the device is not completely functional, we will repair it and then add it to sellable stock. If it is irreparable, it will be disposed of responsibly.

My electronics or games have no value. What can I do with them?

While RedBridge Trading may not be able to buy them from you, we may be able to accept them as a donation.

See: Donating Electronics

What happens to my personal data in my electronics?

You are responsible for removing any personal data off of your electronics. As part of RedBridge Trading’s 21 Point Inspection, we will also factory reset and wipe all devices we receive. RedBridge Trading is unable to return or recover any data from devices sent to us for sell, recycle, or donation.

How old do I have to be to sell to RedBridge Trading?

State and Federal law requires you be at least 18 years of age or older to RedBridge Trading.


Do you need me to ship my SIM card or microSD card?

A SIM card is a small chip that stores your network identification data. This chip is usually programmed uniquely to your account and does not need to be included with the device.

A microSD card stores data like photos, music, and video. This information is your own personal data and should not be sent with the device. Any sent to us will have its data erased and cannot be recovered.

What is a Bad ESN? Can I fix this?

The ESN is the devices Electronic Serial Number. This number is in the form of a MEID or IMEI number which allows the phone to be registered on a carrier’s wireless network. If the ESN is bad, it is not in its current state able to be activated on another account.


The device’s ESN is considered bad when:

1: The device is active on a current wireless account.

2: The account the device is associated with has an outstanding balance

3: The device has been reported as lost or stolen


To find out why the ESN is bad and have it changed to a clean ESN, you must contact your carrier directly.

How do I deactivate my phone or tablet from my carrier?

Having a phone deactivated can only be done by your carrier. Once deactivated, the phone can be activated on another account. If you are unsure if your phone is clear to be activated by another person, contact your carrier directly.

Here is a list of the customer service numbers for a few popular carriers:

AT&T:                    1-800-331-0500

T-Mobile:            1-877-453-1304

Verizon:               1-800-922-0204

Sprint:                   1-888-211-4727

How do I remove “Find My iPhone” from my iOS device before shipping?
How do I unlock my AT&T phone?

To be able to use your AT&T phone on another carrier the phone must first be unlocked. Unlocked phones also have a greater value when unlocked from their carrier.

You can request an unlocked code directly through AT&T by following this link: Unlock my Phone or Tablet


Does it cost anything to sell to RedBridge Trading?

It doesn’t cost anything to use RedBridge Trading! We will even send you a prepaid shipping label for you to send your products to us. Just get started at the Buying Your Electronics page.

See Also: Reselling Your Electronics



What if I am a business or institution that wants to sell or donate to RedBridge Trading?

If you wish to sell or donate as a business or institution, please email us at support@redbridgetrading.com or talk to us on our Contact Us page.

My device is missing some accessories. Can I still sell it to you?

In most cases, accessories will not impact the value we offer. Accessories such as boxes, manual, earphones, cases, spare batteries, screen protectors, and stands are not needed to sell the device, and will usually not be able to be bought.

If your device is missing an essential and/or proprietary accessory required for operation, such as AC adapters or AV cables, there may be a deduction from our offer.

RedBridge Trading will accept electronics with missing accessories for donation or recycle.

What if I want more value for my product? Can I negotiate a higher price?

In most instances, no. RedBridge Trading calculates our offers looking at many different factors including market demand, device condition, and value in a secondary market.

I can’t find my device on your website. Will you still take it?

Contact use directly at support@redbridgetrading.com or on the Contact Us page.

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