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Donating Electronics For Your Favorite Cause

Donating-Your Donation Has Value

Your Donation has value!

It does not matter which registered charity you choose to contribute to because every dollar we harvest will go to a local concern serving local needs. Imagine every $100 can buy 26 hot meals, 2 nights shelter or fuel life changing programs that will impact our neighbors right here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Donating- Local causes

Your Donation goes to a local cause!

You can donate your used goods to a local RedBridge partnered cause of your choice. You can also keep updated with your local cause through our website and track their progress in raising funds and awareness. We have a variety of partnerships that will allow you to contribute to a variety of causes.

Donating-Tax Deductable

Your Donation is 100% tax deductible!

As our campaigns are partnered with registered charities, local schools and other tax exempt entities all donations are eligible for a tax receipt. We strictly adhere to the IRS and State of California rules regarding tax deductibility. Our Tax receipts are IRS compliant and are always stored for our members in case you misplace it or it’s destroyed.

Donating is easy

Donating is easy!

It is easy to donate your goods through our online site or in-store. You can contact us online and we will send you a shipping label for your donated goods or you can bring your donations in to your local store. Donations will be sorted and quoted values are available prior to donation. 50% profit of your donations will be distributed to your RedBridge cause of choice.

We can recycle donations

Your Donation may be recycled!

If you aren’t sure that your used goods are working properly or don’t know if they are reusable, you can still bring them in to be recycled. Your goods will be sorted in store as buyable or recyclable. Recyclable products will be disassembled properly into materials that can be reused. You can help reduce electronic waste by bringing in your used goods to RedBridge.

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