We are so proud to announce RedBridge Trading opening multiple retail locations around the San Francisco Bay Area to follow our passion and help thousands of local nonprofits, local causes, schools, and municipalities with funds just not available to them before. Our goal is to be the sales platform of choice for anyone looking to buy or sell used electronics, or to be part of our disruption of the used electronics marketplace. As we roll forward to our grand openings and launches of our e-commerce and IOS application we are in the works of hiring and training associates to work in our retail stores, work in our electronic repair department, reclamation and recycling department and our administrative group. We are creating green jobs and hiring with a focus on at risk populations in partnership with EDD and several workforce development programs. We are also creating value for all our campaign stakeholders by harnessing the value of used electronics in a variety of ways:

  • We are paying cash, NetSpend, Paypal for used goods which assists our selling customers directly.
  • We are creating a competitive retail environment to give our buying customers the best prices possible.
  • We are creating safe, clean, convenient, and sustainable sales platform for the public, donors,and campaigns everywhere.
  • We are passing on funds to campaigns which would have otherwise not been harnessed for Social Good.
  • We are energizing donors to see a new way to give to campaigns, keeping revenues flowing for campaigns with no cost to campaigns.
  • We are setting an ambitious goal to disrupt the second hand electronics marketplace and do it all for Social Good.
  • We are setting a goal to hire 50 employees in early 2017 and to hire over 100 by years end.
  • We are teaching valuable work skills for those at risk populations who need the assistance most.
  • We are creating a repurposing process that hopefully will keep 12 tons of e-waste out of landfills in 2017!

So when you look in that junk drawer or at that mile high pile of DVDs or console games your not playing anymore, let’s do some Social Good with those profits and put that money to work here locally to assist our neighbors, our families, our schools and our communities. We are a local bay area based company with strong ties to our community and are asking everyone to consider the good we can do together!

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