Team RedBridge Founders

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Meade


Our Mission Statement:

About RedBridge Trading

RedBridge Trading is a mission driven company dedicated to one thing, creating a revenue producing platform for all nonprofit companies to realize the value in second hand electronics and deploy those revenues to achieve their goals. We are harnessing the most pervasive technologies available today to do social good at a local and national level. Our platform campaigns allow our users to safely and conveniently donate, sell, or recycle their electronics and specify the cause they wish to support. We take those items and resell them on multiple outlets; our iOS Application, Online Store and Brick and Mortar locations. The profits realized are then split and paid out to the cause.

A WIN for the environment, a WIN for the nonprofit, and a WIN for RedBridge Trading!

Recycle Donations

RedBridge Trading recycles all electronics donated that can’t be repaired or resold. We are a green enterprise.

Buy & Sell

We offer fair prices when we buy an item and when reselling an item. See the full list of what we accept and what we don’t.

Repair & Recycle

We repair mobile phones and provide electronics repair services to the general public. We are a repair training center!

Repurpose Profits

We repurpose the profits and share them with the nonprofit selected by the purchaser or the current fundraising campaign.

Our Process

Although our process is far more involved, it can be summarized in 4 easy steps:

  1. Bring your electronics to one of our locations or print a shipping label and ship them to us for free!
  2. We always ask the same question – which campaign would you like to support?
  3. We invite you to download our app or register as a member and follow your donation to fruition.
  4. As an Electronics Recycler we hope to divert 12 tons of electronics from landfills in our first year.
Jesse Taylor

Jesse Taylor

Chief Executive Officer /Founder

Jesse Taylor created RedBridge Trading to provide nonprofits with a viable and sustainable revenue stream derived from the resale of the most pervasive technologies in the world, consumer electronics. Jess brings over 10 years of experience in 2 previous nonprofits and 4 start ups in San Francisco. Jesse is forging the next big revenue stream that will create countless opportunities for thousands of causes.

Nicholas Henry

Nicholas Henry

Vice President of Ecommerce

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Nicholas has a background in computer science and is often tinkering with electronics or acting as impromptu IT Support. In his role as electronics retail management, his forward-facing team development mantra was, “Learn, teach, and move forward.” When coffee and energy drinks aren’t running through his blood, you can usually find him at a cafe remedying the situation.

Oskar Bertagnole

Oskar Bertagnole

Vice President Retail Operations

Born in the Bay Area, Oskar’s passion for sustainability greatly influenced his decision to work with second-hand electronics. While working in electronics retail he discovered a passion for team building and data analysis. At RedBridge Oskar can continue to pursue his interests while assisting local causes. Always eager to learn, Oskar is fascinated with the way technology further influences and develops how we perceive our environments.

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